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Mix and match over 100 scented perfume oils to create your unique, one-of-a-kind fragrance.


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Add your custom scent to a variety of personal care products like a lotion or body wash, or just wear it as your new perfume or cologne.



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Here's How It Works...

Online blending instructions

Our blending bar online allows you to choose as many fragrances as you want. Take your time and go through all the categories and start adding your favorite scents to the ‘blending bar’. Our mind smells – not our nose. So when you see a photo of our scents see it in your mind and try to smell it. Then start putting them together to create your perfect blend. If you want to remove one, just click it again in your blending bar. We typically suggest trying to choose from different categories to create interesting combinations. A floral with a fruit, a foodie and outdoor. But then there’s strawberry banana or chocolate cupcake – so there really aren’t any rules. Just have fun!

What Happens Next?

The blending + shipping process

Once you have your perfect combination, decide how you want to use it. A perfume or cologne? Maybe a lotion, body wash, body butter, sugar scrub, bath bomb, candle or room spray. Decide on the size you want and add to your cart. Our prices include 2 fragrances, additional scents are either $2 or $3 each. You can layer scents too – have a special blend for the shower and another one for lotion after. Top it off with your own personal perfume! The online blending bar allows you to create your fragrance, then choose your use or base and add to cart. When you want to create a new scent, just add them to the blending bar, and remove the ones you no longer need.

Once we have your order, our blendista will blend your unique scent from our perfume fragrance oils, hand craft your product with the base you chose and ship it right to you. We do not believe in using fillers or any products affiliated with animal testing. We use the high quality, unscented, non-allergenic bases and perfume oils. We want you to love our products so you come back again and again and tell all of your family and friends. But ultimately – come to the store and we’ll blend together.

Blending Oils

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Blending tips + suggestions

Remember, blending is personal and there are no bad blends. Every day your mood will change what you want to smell around you. You can also use scents to put you in a great mood! Here are some of our favorites, use them as is or as a spark to your own creation!

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